5 Star Mobile Salon, Inc.

"5 STAR Mobile hair services"
Specializing in: Natural Hair* Wigs* Braids*
Hair Extensions*Signature  Weaves & Protective Styles

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“We're not just a name, we're LEGENDARY “.

We take pride in the work we do, and it shows with  each and every client. We provide on-site services at our private studio in Sterling, VA  or off-site at a location of  your preference. 

Diversifying from only a traditional brick and mortar location allows us to offer comparable and competitive pricing while still offering salon-quality care in your own home. Our brand is built on pampering our clientele with private, discreet services and individualized attention during your appointment. Our goal is to enhance your own beauty by working with you to create a completely customized enhanced of your already natural beauty.

Our Promise for Our Products - "IF WE DON'T WEAR IT ...YOU WON'T WEAR IT".